Penis Advantage

Penis Advantage – The Ultimate Review

If you’re looking for the truth about Penis Advantage – without any of the BS sales talk or hype – then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve actually used the system, and I’ve done a lot of research into the various natural penis enlargement methods out there, so I’m in a good position to give you some information on this method and how it compares. By the time you’ve finished reading, you’re going to know whether this is worth your time, so let’s begin.

Please note: This isn’t the official website for Penis Advantage – it’s just my personal experience and review of the method. So if you’re looking for the official site, you can find it by clicking here.

To start with, being smaller than you want to be can have a lot of  effects on your life. It can really hurt your sexual confidence, and if you’ve ever had any humiliating experiences because of it, then it can be even worse, leading to sexual anxiety and insecurity. This can make it harder to enjoy intimacy with a woman as well, because it can make you feel less masculine, and it becomes harder to satisfy her completely.

The popular mainstream opinion is that there’s nothing you can do about your size, and you just have to accept what you have. The situation becomes worse when the penis enlargement industry is full of ridiculous claims, hype, and false promises. The entire thing just looks like a scam, so guys give up hope. But the truth is that you can add some size (just not as much as you think) and you can increase your erection power (which makes a bigger difference than you think).

The official Penis Advantage website promises these things, and it manages to stay away from too many of the ridiculous claims of the “overnight growth” or “4 inches in a week” variety. But does it really work? Let’s start by taking a closer look at the claims.

The Claims

The main claim made by Penis Advantage is that you it show you how to enlarge your erection size naturally, without using pills, pumps, weights or surgery. It promises to give you real, proven results that last – as well as improving your ejaculation control, and improving your overall sexual confidence (as a result of these gains).

You’d be right to be skeptical about ANY claims in the penis enlargement industry, but this guide is careful not to promise more than it can reasonably deliver. So what are the methods it uses?

Natural Jelqing Techniques

The method partly relies on penis health exercises, and jelqing techniques, done in the unique “Penis Advantage” way. These techniques have been around for a long time, but the way this system puts them to use is a little different than you’ve probably seen before, and there’s several additional ones which haven’t been seen anywhere else.

These exercises are known to increase the length, girth, and overall erection power of your penis – and it’s reasonable to grow a few cms in size from doing these. If you’re diligent and follow the program, then you can add around an inch within a month or so, and if you’re quite undersized, you may gain anywhere up to 2 inches. It’s unlikely to make any gains beyond this, and I’d be skeptical of anyone who claims otherwise – at least – without risky surgery. You should also realize that it takes time to see these results – because it is NOT going to happen overnight.

Improved Erection Strength

One of the additional benefits to doing these exercises is that they will improve your stamina, ejaculation control, and general erection strength. Being able to stay at full erection strength can make your penis look, feel, and seem bigger when it counts, and it feels a lot better for the person you’re with. This is an aspect which really shouldn’t be overlooked, because erection strength can be improved within just a few weeks if you follow these exercises.

What’s more, it also makes you feel a lot more virile and masculine, which translates into better intimacy with the opposite sex, and it will greatly improve your sexual confidence as well. This is a nice side effect you’ll have, and more of an immediate benefit to doing the exercises, as it can take a few months to make true size gains.

Detailed Video Guide Demonstrations

Making sure you do the exercises correctly is very important. If you’re doing them wrong, then you’re not going to get the full effect, and in the worst case scenario, you may even do more harm than good.

One of the good things about the Penis Advantage method is they now include video demonstrations of how to do the exercises, which shows you exactly how to do them in the optimal way. This makes it much easier to understand, because reading the guide alone can make it a little confusing, especially if you’ve never done these type of exercises before. By following the video guide, it becomes very simple and intuitive, so you’ll have no trouble doing these exercises for 10 minutes a day or so.

How Does Penis Advantage Work?

The methods used in this system work because they increase the “carrying capacity” of the blood chambers within the penis. These chambers can be stretched over time, and as the cells regenerate, the chamber walls become larger and stronger. This allows the chambers to hold more blood than before, which means your penis will be longer, harder, and thicker. The process works in a similar way to building muscle in the gym.

It’s worth noting that this is pretty much the only legitimate way for penis growth to be possible, unless you’re having surgery. Training these chambers to hold more blood also greatly increases the overall “erection power” that you have. This process only takes a few weeks until you start to feel “bigger”, but the real, measurable size gains will take a few months at least.

What Do You Get When You Buy?

The method is taught through text and video demonstration, which is all contained within the Penis Advantage membership website. Once you’re a member, you’ll be given your login details, where you can access the entire package.

The videos are essential, as they demonstrate how to do the exercises correctly, and the written guide gives further information and advice, as well as explaining the science behind how this works. There’s also a good user forum where people can interact and discuss the method in privacy.

What Makes This Method Stand Out From Others?

The thing to realize is that Penis Advantage is perhaps the only legitimate, natural penis enhancement guide out there. It’s had a very good reputation in the PE community for many years now, and it’s one of the few natural solutions that really works – so you don’t need to waste your time with pills, pumps, or risky stretching devices – all of which can cause more harm than good in the long run.

The methods taught in this system are perfectly safe penis health exercises which are proven to give benefits, such as increased length, thickness, and erection power. Since the method first become available, it’s been purchased by over 56,000 people, so it isn’t some fly-by-night shady company, but a legitimate community of like minded individuals who are serious about “improving” what they have.

What Results Are People Getting?

The overall consensus is very positive, and people are having good results by following the program. Everyone makes progress with this at different speeds. It can take longer for some people to see the benefits, while others find that it gives them an inch or more fairly quickly. A lot of this will depend on what you’re starting with, and whether you’ve been using other methods to increase what you have.

A lot of people seem to gain around 1cm of pure growth within the first few weeks, and if you stick to the practice, you can usually expect anywhere from 0.5 to 1 inch of growth within a few months. While some people do make larger gains, I wouldn’t say this is typical. Most importantly, virtually anyone who use this method will have stronger, firmer erections – so it makes you way better in bed and improves your overall sexual performance very quickly.

You’re only likely to be disappointed with the method if you have unrealistic expectations. If you’ve been duped by all the hype and BS in the penis enlargement industry about gaining 4 inches and other stupid claims, then you’re going to be let down. But if you’re expecting a solid plan for adding up to an inch of natural size, while making your erections stronger, harder, and thicker – then you’re probably going to love this program.


- It’s a safe, natural method – that doesn’t rely on pills, pumps, or stretching devices to work.

- Most people can expect gains anywhere from 1cm to 1 inch after a couple of months.

- It’s cheap to do, and you can do it privately in your own room – no pumps or weird devices needed (but you’ll need a warm towel to increase blood flow).

- Quickly gives improvements to your overall erection strength, thickness, and hardness.

- Can improve your ejaculation control.

- Gives you a lot more sexual confidence.

- Works fairly fast, as you will see some improvement within the first few weeks.


- It takes time to see the biggest size gains, typically a few months or more (like going to the gym).

- You need to set aside some time each day to follow the exercises.

- You’re not going to gain much more than 1 inch (unless you’re lucky).

- Takes a little time, patience, and self control to do the exercises correctly.

Money Back Guarantee

It’s worth pointing out that Penis Advantage comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee. This means if you’re not happy for any reason at all, then you can get your money back. This isn’t one of those internet scams – it’s a legitimate community and method for penis health, so it’s nice to see that you can get a refund if you don’t want to use the system any more.

It shows that the guys behind the system aren’t trying to scam you out of your money, because you can easily get it back if you aren’t happy with the system for some reason.

My Conclusion

Unfortunately, the penis enlargement industry is full of scams and products which don’t work, so it’s given the entire industry a black eye. But if you can avoid all of the hype, false promises, dangerous devices and stupid pills – you’ll discover that there are several techniques and methods which genuinely work to enhance your penis size and erection power. Of course, you’re not going to add 3 inches in a week, or even in a month – but you can improve the thickness and length of what you have, and make the most of what you have – and gains around the one inch mark aren’t uncommon.

If you’ve never done exercises like these before then you can reasonably expect to add 0.5 to 1 inch within a few months, but it’s difficult to get any further gains than that in most cases, unless you were undeveloped to start with.

Overall, the Penis Advantage system gives you a solid routine to follow, with exercises that are proven to work for thousands of people. It’s one of the few legitimate programs out there, so it’s your best shot if you want to improve your length, thickness, and overall power. To find out more or sign up, click here to visit the official website.

8 Reasons Why I Like Penis Advantage So Far

I’ve been using the Penis Advantage techniques for awhile now, so I thought it would be a good idea to write up a few of the reasons why I’ve become a big fan of these methods, and why they are superior to many of the other things I’ve tried in the past. Hopefully this will help to give you a better idea about what these techniques can do for you, and whether they’re something you want to use yourself. So lets begin.

#1 – It proves natural methods can give real results.

It’s no secret that there’s a lot of “penis enhancement devices” out there, but few of them really work as well as people hope. What’s worse is that many of the pumps and extenders which are being sold are not only ineffective, but they can also cause over-stretching and permanently damage your penis tissue. This is something that no guy wants, but people take these needless risks because they think natural methods don’t work.

However, the Penis Advantage method has a lot of happy users and it gives some much needed credibility to natural methods of enhancement. You can get similar (or better, if I’m honest) results to those expensive and risky devices, but it’s much cheaper and safer to do it the natural way. You’ll have no weird devices and contraceptions to hide in your home, either.

# 2 – The exercises improve erection strength and power.

While it does take a little time to see noticeable size gains, one of the perks to using these natural techniques is that you’ll have much firmer and harder erections, usually within just a few weeks of doing the exercises regularly. This can make a real difference in the bedroom department, and it also helps you to make the most of the size you currently have. Erection strength and control is something that really shouldn’t be overlooked, especially if you want to increase your penis size due to sexual anxiety.

#3 – The techniques give real gains.

According to most reviews I’ve found from other guys, most of them grow at least 1cm after the first few weeks, and many guys add up to an inch within a month or two. It only takes a few months of regular use for these techniques to make a real, permanent difference in the size and girth of your penis.

# 4 – Detailed video explanations.

Making sure you are doing the exercises correctly is essential for getting the best results out of this. But following a written guide alone can be hazardous, because some things are just better shown and explained via video. One of the things I really like about Penis Advantage is that all of the core techniques are explained and demonstrated by video, which means you’ll get a much better understanding of how to perform them, which you would never get from written text. This makes the whole process simpler and makes sure you get the best results possible from the various exercises.

#5 – Following the program really boosts your sexual confidence.

Let’s face it, most guys like us who are into penis enhancement are doing it to improve our sexual confidence or reduce bedroom anxiety. While it’s not the only reason to enhance your penis, it definitely makes a big difference when you have that “wow factor”. The exercises in Penis Advantage will give you incredible erection control and power, and they will also help you to stay hard on command. This means you’ll be fully in control of your body, and not at the mercy of what your penis decides to do due to lack of training and experience. If you want to perform well and make the most of what you have, then these exercises are essential.

#6 – It comes with a genuine money back guarantee.

Most of the penis enhancement products out there don’t come with a guarantee, (probably because the companies who make them know they would never make any money if they did) but the Penis Advantage program is happy to put its money where its mouth is. Unlike some of the shadier companies, they are happy to provide a full 60 day money back guarantee.

This means you have a full 2 months to give the techniques a try, and if they don’t work for you, then you can easily claim a refund without any hassle at all. I like the fact that they are genuinely aiming to help out guys instead of just taking your money – because if it doesn’t work for you, you don’t have to pay.

# 7 – The techniques really improve your sexual stamina.

For some guys, the worry of premature ejaculation or loss of erection can make sex more stressful and anxiety-provoking than fun and pleasurable. But if you do these exercises as instructed, your stamina and control increases very quickly (usually within just a few weeks). Having this kind of stamina and self control means you’ll feel much more in control in the bedroom, and you’ll easily be able to satisfy your partner without any effort at all. When you have sexual stamina and erection strength it’s easy to give your woman multiple orgasms every time.

# 8 – You can correct minor penis curvature with these techniques.

If you have a slight curve or bend to your penis, then these exercises can really help out with that. Penis curvature not only causes embarrassment for many guys, but it also robs you of your true length and size. Fortunately, these exercises can quickly ease some of the curve out of the penis, and this also means your penis will look and feel longer as it begins to straighten out.

To summarize, you can probably tell by now that I’m a fan of using these methods instead of risky devices, weights, extenders, pumps, or stupid pills (which really do nothing). It’s a shame that most guys are too skeptical to give these natural techniques a try, because just like you can grow your muscles in the gym, you can improve the length and girth of your penis over time by using these techniques. So if you want to use something safe, side-effect free, and actually get real results – then you should really give Penis Advantage a try, because I’m pretty sure you won’t regret it. To find out more, head over to the official website.